Devices for bottom discharge from USN type railway tanks
Devices of the USN type are designed for lower discharge of oil and oil products, as well as aggressive and non-aggressive liquids from railway tank cars. The devices are used in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries.
Devices of the USN type is a hinged pipeline that provides a closed system for draining the product from railway tanks.
Devices are manufactured with nominal bore diameters of 150, 175 and 200 mm, coverage area of ​​4 and 6 meters. It is possible to complete the devices with a hydromonitor, a steam jacket, an electric heating system, and various sensors.
The devices are equipped with a spring balancer with a protective cover, ensuring the safety of the operating personnel. Self-closing clamps securely fix the connecting head of the USN to the drain device of the railway tank, which reduces the time for preparatory work.
The tacks are controlled by one steering wheel, which greatly simplifies the process of attaching a railway tank to the drain device. The sealing of the connection head ensures a tight connection with the drain device of the tank during the draining process.
Devices for top loading into railway tanks of the UNZH type
UNZh type devices are designed for top loading of oil and oil products, as well as aggressive and non-aggressive liquids into railway tanks. The devices are used in the oil, petrochemical and chemical industries.
Device type UNZH is a pivotally connected pipeline with a filling tip for dispensing the pumped product.
Are made in two design executions - the console and a strut. The riser version implies a loading device with its own support post and a foundation plate for fixing the proposed loading station to the foundation. The console version is used in cases of attaching the device to existing metal structures (trestle, mast, column). Based on the requirements for the UNZh installation, the supply of oil products can be both from above and from below. To balance the device can be used: a system of counterweights or a spring balancer.
The system of counterweights for balancing UZH allows you to effortlessly control the device. Setting up this system is simple in comparison with similar balancing devices.
The spring balancer for balancing the UNZH allows you to reduce the size of the loading device while maintaining reliable and easy control. The advanced swivel system makes it easy to obtain a filling device with left or right side execution, without any modifications.
UNZh can be equipped with a filling tip for both open filling and sealed with a vapor removal sleeve. The tip for hermetic filling can be made at the request of the customer in the form of a cone or a cap, depending on the type of tanks being poured. The filling pipe can be solid or telescopic, which allows to reduce the size and facilitate the process of bringing the device into working position. The conditional diameter of the passage of the device is possible 100 and 80 mm.
Easy movement of devices without distortions is provided by three-row hinges. (two ball tracks and one roller, providing easy movement of the device without distortion throughout the entire service life, the roller track perceives significant lateral forces, which can significantly increase the life of the hinge before replacing it).
The design of the filling devices ensures the complete release of the filling pipe from the product and excludes the possibility of its spillage onto the tank at the end of the filling.
The devices have several levels of automation depending on the requirements put forward to the filling control method:
- Without control - the device does not have any shut-off or control valves;
- Manual termination - the device is completed with a butterfly valve directly on the loading device or shut-off valves installed in front of the device;
- Automatic loading stop - the device is equipped with a shut-off filling valve DKP-80/1, which works without the use of electricity;
- Control system based on a programmable logic controller and electrically controlled shut-off valves. Execution is possible with remote control of the filling (draining) process using the software of the operator's automated workstation;
- Commercial accounting of shipped products by volume and (or) weight.
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